Hucho Fishing

Would you like to try Hucho fishing in Slovenia? The king of the Slovenian Rivers and the biggest challenge for all fishermen. Soča Trout with a lot of passion and with love to nature is the right choice for you.


Hucho fly fishing trip

Hucho, Huchen even called Danube salmon are one of the biggest river resident salmonids. 

They are spring spawners so fishing for them is allowed from October to the middle of February. Due to conservation reasons, it is only allowed to go with a guide or club member. As a fishing species it is very challenging to catch and that’s why it has been given a nickname the “fish of a thousand casts” Some of the best spots for huchen in Slovenia are on the rivers Sava, Sava Bohinjka and Sora.

Fly fishing for Huchen requires specific fly fishing skills – casting big flies & sinking lines/tips.
Winter time is the special season, weather conditions are often adverse with below zero temperatures and snow possible during the day. The fishing requires patience and physical endurance.

1 October - 14 February

Duration all day

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• malico
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