What kind of fishing gear do I need?

For fly fishing in our waters a #5 weight 9 ft. rod with a matching floating line will in most cases do the job. When catching large marble trout we prefer #8 to #10 weight rods and sink tip lines. For smaller tributaries #3 or #4 weight rods up to 8.6 ft armed with floating line are just great.

What artificial flies do we use?

For dry flies we recommend a selection of Mayflies (yellow, olive, black, grey), Caddis (brown, black), Stoneflies (black, brown, yellow), Klinkhamers (varied colors), Terrestrials flies and do not forget attractor flies like Stimulator.For nymph fishing classic Pheasant tail, Hare’s ears, sedge pupa’s and beadheads with tungsten beads tied on jig hooks in varied colors will do the work.Wooly Buggers, baitfish patterns, muddlers and jig streamers in white, tan, black, olive colors are our preferred when we flyfish with streamers.

In any case, if you need we always have a complete selection of all the necessary flies available to our guests.