Marble trout fly fishing at the beginning of the season

Marble trout fly fishing at the beginning of the fishing season

Marble trout fly fishing tips.

It’s true that we all start fly fishing because of dry fly fishing. We were casting dry flies when it was rain, snow. When the water level was on a high side of good and it was milky colored, etc. But mostly with no success.

So we came to the conclusion that dry fly fishing can’t be done at all the time with any weather and water conditions.

There are certain moments in the year when is better to quit for some time with dry fly fishing and try something different. Let it say streamer fishing or nymph fly fishing. This moment of the year is for sure the start of the fishing season in the Soča valley. The waters levels are usually higher. Because of this also the water color instead to be crystal clear it is more milky green. That means that the water it is ideal for fly fishing with streamers, which will be the topic of today blog.
So streamer fishing is probably the most useful and successful way of fly fishing in such water conditions.

Lets start with the gear.

What rod, reel, line do we need? A 9 foot rod for #8 to #10 weight line will do a great job. The reel need to be reliable with good brake system and armed with enough backing line. The lines we usually use are heavy sink tip lines or floating lines with the add of a sink tip. Short level leader 4 to 5 feet long with diameter of at least 0,30mm. We will fish in murky waters and with marble trouts which when fighting with them they tend to pull toward the bottom in between the rocks such a strong leader is a must to prevent it from breaking and consequently losing the fish.

The flies we use are baitfish imitations and sculpin patterns. Lightweight mostly with no added lead. We keep them light because we like casting flies not throwing flies and with heavy sinking tips. There is realy no need to use heavy weighted flies to reach the bottom of even the deepest of the pools. In some cases we also use to throw heavy jig flies but mostly we try to avoid that kind of fly fishing.

marble trout fly fishing

The tactic it is simple. Cover as much water as you can while fishing. Paying more attention to the eddies, places beside the bank and outflows of the big pools. Not a rule but in most of the cases the marble trouts are there waiting for their prey.

These were just some of the basic tips that I hope will be useful for you. If you would like to get deeper on this topic, you are more than welcome to visit us on the Soča River.  Soča trout fly fishing Slovenia can help you to achieve your fly fishing dreams, catching a marvellous marble trout.

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marble trout fly fishing