What kind of fishing gear do I need?

For fly fishing in our waters a #5 weight 9 ft. rod with a matching floating line will in most cases do the job. When catching large marble trout we prefer #8 to #10 weight rods and sink tip lines. For smaller tributaries #3 or #4 weight rods up to 8.6 ft armed with floating line are just great.

What artificial flies do we use?

For dry flies we recommend a selection of Mayflies (yellow, olive, black, grey), Caddis (brown, black), Stoneflies (black, brown, yellow), Klinkhamers (varied colors), Terrestrials flies and do not forget attractor flies like Stimulator.For nymph fishing classic Pheasant tail, Hare’s ears, sedge pupa’s and beadheads with tungsten beads tied on jig hooks in varied colors will do the work.Wooly Buggers, baitfish patterns, muddlers and jig streamers in white, tan, black, olive colors are our preferred when we flyfish with streamers.

In any case, if you need we always have a complete selection of all the necessary flies available to our guests.


What other fishing gear or accessories do I need?

You will need a good chest waders paired with solid wading shoes, preferably with rubber sole. For the days with an unpredictable weather it is necessary to have warm and water resistant clothing at hand, even during summer. You’ll need a hat or a cap to protect yourself from the hot sun during summer days and don’t forget sunglasses, polarized and with good UV protection, for when we go sight fishing.

When does the trout fly fishing season begin?

In Slovenia, fly fishing season for trout and grayling opens in March and closes at the end of November, but it depends on the river, where you want to fly fish.

What is the best time to visit us?

The best time to visit us is always when you have time. You can experience great fishing at the start of the season or at the end of the season or during the summer months. Each season has its own peculiarity which we must take into consideration and adapt. In any case, you can have an unforgettable fly fishing experience, no matter the season you choose to visit us.

What about bad weather or tough fishing?

There are rarely days that we can not find them suitable for fishing. We always try to do our best, although sometimes rivers are not willing to cooperate with us (exceptionally high water levels, heavy rain with thunder storms). In those cases we will refund you.

Where can I buy a fishing permit and how much does it cost?

For all our guided fishing trips we provide the needed fishing permits for you. The prices for a daily fishing permit range from 30 EUR to 100 EUR per person.

What about food and drink?

Each participant receives a snack and a bottle of water. During the full-day excursions we can prepare a sandwich for you for an additional fee or you can bring your own food, if you wish, we can also take a short drive to a nearby restaurant where you can treat yourself to an extra lunch.

How to book a trip?

You can click on one of the book now buttons on our web page. It will redirect you to the page where our contact form is located. You fill out the form and click send. After we receive your request, we check the availability of your selected dates and confirm your reservation via email as soon as possible. You can also send us a direct email or give us a call.

Where to stay?

Given the fact that we are stationed in Bovec and to make the transport for you easier, it is best that you find your accommodation in Bovec or close by as well. If you can’t find a room to book yourself let us know and we can give you a recommendation.

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