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Although Slovenia is a small country, it is extremely rich with rivers. And one of the most beautiful locations is definitely the Soča valley. Soča with its tributaries is our favorite location because we are located here and here is also our home. By agreement, we can also organize trips to other rivers, especially for those guests who come to us for a longer period of time and would like to get to know other rivers and places as well.

Soča river fly fishing

Soča and its tributaries

Soča river fly fishing

This beautiful river with its tributaries forms one of the most beautiful fly fishing destinations in the world.
Soča river has its source in the Alps, beneath the mountains in the heart of the Triglav National Park and flows through one of the most beautiful landscapes in Slovenia.
Soča river is known for its emerald color and various pools, where the elusive marble trout hides.

All the Soča river tributaries are also very interesting to fly fishing. Each of them has its own character and specifics.

Soča river fly fishing


Soča river fly fishing


A hidden gem of the Alps, surrounded by two thousand meter tall mountains, with mysterious canyons, makes this river a real paradise for enthusiastic dry fly fisher.


From its source to the confluence, where Učja river meets Soča river, Učja river’s 8.4 km long stream is difficult to access. In the gorge full of cascades, rapids and deep pools this river is home to numerous wild marble trouts, just waiting for their prey. It is a perfect venue for a fly fisherman who likes more adventurous way of fishing and unique experience in an unspoiled nature.


This small left tributary of Soča river begins its journey under the wall of Mali Lemež with a strong karst spring with a waterfall. It flows in a nice picturesque valley surrounded by two thousand meter tall mountain peaks toward Soča river. A great river to perfect dry fly fishing skills.


Idrijca river has a typical green color and deep pools scattered throughout. Next to Soča river, it is a perfect place where you can catch your dream size marble trout. A catch of a lifetime. 

Soča river fly fishing


Tolminka river, a left tributary of the Soča river is a true fly fishing alpine paradise. Its upper stream flows through lovely steep canyons and is populated with genuine marble trout. After the big gorge river’s flow slows down before feeding into the Soča river.


Bača river meanders trough Baška Grapa valley. Two more tributaries feed into it along its stream: Kneža river and Koritnica river. Bača river is 22 kilometers long and then feeds into the Idrijca river. Almost entire stream of Bača river is available for fishing except for the first 3 kilometers, which is a marble trout reserve.

Soča river fly fishing


The Nadiža river is not Soča’s tributary. It’s located in the west-most part of the Soča Valley, flowing along the Slovenian and Italian border. Its upper stream is characterized with cascades and pools unlike the lower stream, where the river widens and long pools with beautiful gravel form.

Soča river fly fishing


From the source on, Trebuščica river flows through a narrow valley and it is full of pools and rapids before feeding into Idrijca river. Such a small river but it is inhabited by marble trouts that are above the average size. 


A tributary to Bača river, the Kneža river has a typical alpine stream flowing trough a narrow valley. Along the way the river it flows through many small gorges with nice small pools inhabited by cautious wild trout. When fly fishing in this river, the most important thing is to be as inconspicuous as possible and make your first cast really good.

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