Fly fishing school

Are you a complete beginner who would like to learn how to fly fish? Are you already an experienced fisherman who would like to perfect fly fishing technique and gain even more knowledge? Soča Trout has perfect fly fishing school for you. Take advantage of the pleasant environment to acquire new knowledge. An experienced local guide, who's been gaining fly fishing knowledge from his young age, will pass his knowledge down to you.

fly fishing school

Casting lessons

Casting lessons is educational course to improve an fly fisher casting ability.  Why casting is so important, because if you can reach more fish, you can catch more fish. We conduct these lessons on open grassy area.  

Lessons will cover:
• Rod, Reel, Line review & assembly
• Pick Up and Laydown cast
• Overhead cast
• Roll cast
• Shooting line
• Slipping line
• False Casting
• Single Haul cast

Price: 30eur/hour

On the water lessons

On The Water Lessons is educational course to improve an fly fisher knowledge.

The lessons are a mix of presentations and discussions, instruction, and guided fishing. The fishing course covers everything from fly casting, choosing the right tackle, leaders, and knots, to fly selection, and how to safely release fish. You will learn how to fish with dry flies, nymphs and streamer and as well as reading a variety of different types of water. Learn how too catch trout in many different scenarios small streasms, large rivers, lakes...

Duration 8 hours

Course content:
• Fly casting techniques
• Essential fly fishing knots
• How to choose your gear and tackle
• Stream entomolgy (the science of insects)
• Proper fly selection
• How to read water and currents
• How to play, land, and safely release fish

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Shopping Basket

On the water lessons

  • 1 Angler 270€
  • 2 Anglers 370€
  • 3 Anglers 470€